Understanding the Political System in Saudi Arabia

Many people are confused by the political system in Saudi Arabia and their form of government as we can’t see many countries with much similar disciplines, law and constitution.

To understand how governmental systems work in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, first it’s important to know what forms of government are available in the world and how each of them works.

Only after a brief understanding of the forms of government and how those systems works, we can understand well how Saudi Arabia’s political system works and why there is no need for elections.

Without further ado, let’s start to explore the explanation of the active forms of government.


Common Forms of Government Nowadays

First of all let’s make something clear, there are and has been a lot of different forms of government in history of the world, but exploring all of them are very time-consuming and meaningless as most of them are no longer active in recent days and many of them are quite similar.

So let’s explore only major and active forms of government.


Most popular form of government nowadays, democracy is a governmental system where people are in most control and they have high influence over government and leaders.

In this system, most authority figures including the leader – President is chosen by people via elections and others are chosen by government itself, with people’s preferences in mind.

In such system, people have a good power over the government and they are free to say and do whatever they want unless it insults someone. If people aren’t happy with the work of government, they can even request an early election to change government.


Very unwanted but still active system in some countries – dictatorship is a form of government where one individual has gotten all the powers (usually by force) and in control of everything and everyone.

In such system, regular people has little or no control over government, decisions or changes and they’re forced to accept what’s going on. Usually, to change such system is very hard for people and it’s required to assemble many people who will fight to change the leader by force.

Dictatorship was very common in early centuries but in modern world of peace it’s highly unwanted and blamed, so it’s hard for dictators to maintain their system and control.


Actually anarchy is more of temporary condition than a form of government but as it’s quite common and happens a lot, it’s worth a mention.

In this system, there isn’t one legal government or authority, instead there are some authorities fighting over who will come on top and become actual leading party or person. It’s usually common during civil wars and major political issues.


Much like dictatorship, totalitarianism is a form of government where authority has control over everything and everyone by force. The key difference is, totalitarianism is governed by the party or group of people than a single person.

In this system, people also have very little control and are forced to be under the control of government whether they like it or not.


Most common and popular form of government in early and middle centuries – monarchy is a system where a monarch is the leader of the country and has all or many rights.

There are two major different types of monarchy: Absolute and Constitute.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is using absolute monarchy where the monarch (the king) has all the rights and power over the whole country, the senior members of royal family also have some power but the major authority is the king.

In this system, new king is the legacy of the old king and he must have royal blood. There aren’t elections for the king or major authorities in government however people can choose minor leaders and mayors.

Constitute monarchy is quite similar to absolute monarchy, the main difference is – constitute monarch has less power and is limited by the constitution which he can’t easily change.

Saudi Arabia still hasn’t governmental system of absolute monarchy in a nutshell. Politics in Saudi is a bit different from basic absolute monarchy.

In Saudi Arabia, religion is very important for every citizen whether it’s the member of royal family or regular citizen, so the religious authorities have high influence on the government and they are involved in key decision.

Basically, political system in Saudi Arabia is complex and involves many people however the king has the most power and makes all the decisions, but consults with royal family sensors and religious authorities.

Saudi Arabia’s Finest Business Etiquettes

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in West Asia and their life, culture, manners and etiquettes is very different from United States and European countries. Business etiquette in Saudi Arabia is also very different and specific compared to what you may have seen in European and Western countries.

If you’re planning to live, work or do any business in Saudi Arabia it’s very important to understand their manners and life style well so you can easily communicate with your fellow colleagues and business partners, having their sympathy and trust. After all, trust is crucial for any business!

To understand business etiquettes in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and keep away from critical mistakes, or even worse – offending someone by mistake here are all the finest business etiquettes in the KSA you need to know and care.

Dressing up and Appearance

Saudi Arabia is a very religious country and their religion is very important for them. It’s important to respect it and keep your appearance in compliance.

Men should wear formal dresses, however serious suits, long shorts and t-shirts is also fine.

Women should keep their body parts hidden and it’s best to wear national women dress like an “Abaya”.

It’s not a good idea to wear any symbols or accessories related to religions other than Islam. It would really look disrespectful for them and may cause some trust or other issues.

Greetings and Manners

In most countries it’s perfectly normal to shake hand of your partner whether it’s man or woman, but in Saudi Arabia things are a bit different…

You may shake hands with male colleagues but never attempt to shake a female colleague’s hand if she will not offer you her hand firstly. Usually females don’t shake their hands with unknown men and if you attempt to shake hands it would look bad for them.

Another manner you should watch is pointing your finger to someone. It’s considered to be rude to point your finger in the direction of someone. Instead, you can mention that person you want to address.

During speaking or listening to your business partners and colleagues, eye contact is a good idea – it is a sign of trust and confidence and will make them positive for you.

Business Lunches and Out of Work Meetings

In business it’s popular choice to have a lunch with your partners or invite them to your house to increase trust and mutual understanding. It’s also quite common and considered a good sign in KSA, however you should remember few things.

If you’re inviting someone for a lunch, be ready to pay full bills yourself, if you’re invited you should know that your partner is going to pay for it but still it’s good if you attempt to pay for it as it’s considered to be a good gesture. But usually guest never pays in Saudi Arabia.

If you’re invited to the house of your colleague, you should buy a small gift as it’s a good etiquette and represents respect and friendliness. Don’t forget to take your shoes off before walking into the house.

Also remember, alcohol is strictly prohibited by their religion, so don’t offer them any alcoholic beverages and avoid drinking alcohol.

Respect their religion and avoid discussing it

Religion is a very sensitive theme for everyone, especially in Saudi Arabia and any sign of disrespect will not be tolerated. You aren’t required to have same religious views but you should always respect their religion and their culture.

Don’t be surprised or upset if serious business meeting is “paused” because it’s pray-time for your colleagues. It’s very important for them and they will not miss it at any cost, so don’t try to interrupt.

As religion is so sensitive theme you should always avoid talking about it or discussing it, even if your partner starts talking about it.

Family Care and Trust First

Family is important in every country and nation but still it’s way more important in Saudi Arabia.

When starting a business meeting, never jump in business first. Have some words exchange with your colleagues and their families and news related to it.

It’s considered as a good etiquette to show you care about yours and their family and you’re family man first, than a businessman. Starting business talk from the beginning will damage your reputation and their trust for you.

Compared to western countries business etiquette in Saudi Arabia is quite different, but it’s nothing too complicated and if you’ll be prepared well for business meetings, you’ll easily get their trust and support.

Saudi Arabia Warns People That are Looking to Purchase Seeds from Online Seed Bank

Growing cannabis seeds and smoking marijuana is very common and popular culture nowadays and everyone is into it.

From young people to elders, girls and boys, a lot of people all around the world are looking to grow cannabis seeds and harvest some marijuana which later they can use to make and smoke some weed.

It’s really a popular culture nowadays but you should be really careful with it as there are many fake or low quality cannabis seeds not useful for making marijuana, warns Saudis Arabia.

It’s popular choice to buy seeds online but you should be aware that not all websites which sells seeds are legitimate, nor they offer you good quality or price. Some may deliver fake or low quality cannabis seeds which you can’t grow easily and will not be useful to harvest as you will not be able to make any marijuana weed from it.

So before you actually buy marijuana seeds online and decide to grow it yourself, it’s good to realize why you need it and what you should pay attention. It’s not very easy to find reliable seed banks which will give you the best seeds at the best rate.

Why or why not you should grow Cannabis seeds

It’s a great idea to grow your own cannabis and make weed yourself in most cases as it saves you from many issues and makes it easier for you to have some good weed and fun.

But you should understand it comes with some duties and you need to put in some effort. If you’re a regular user of marijuana, or if you’re looking to become one, then growing your own cannabis plant is a good idea.

If you smoke some weed in rare cases and really don’t need it regularly, plus you aren’t very happy to have a plant and take it care of it regularly, then maybe growing cannabis isn’t a good option for you and you should consider other ways to get few marijuana in those rare times.

Now for those of you who wants to grow cannabis seeds, there are some great advantages of doing it:

  • Cost effective – growing your own seeds and making your own weed is way cheaper option than buying weed from other sources.
  • Better quality & safety – when you’re growing seeds, you’re in charge of everything and you can be sure no any harmful product is used to speed up growing unnaturally. Also, you’re making the weeds, so you know it’s only natural cannabis and no any minerals or ingredients are combined to overgrow it.
  • Growing seeds is fun – yes, actually it’s fun & enjoyable process to have a plant, take it care every day and watch it growing. Also, taking care something precious to you makes you feel better and happy.
  • Legitimate – while buying marijuana from any source is against law in all countries, it’s allowed in most countries to grow some of your own cannabis so you don’t need to have contact with drug dealers. By growing some of your own cannabis for personal use, you’re in compliance with law and safe from any legal issues.

How to choose good Cannabis weeds for you

When it comes to choosing the best cannabis weeds for you, it’s important to know difference between several types of cannabis so you can easily understand which one do you need.

  • Indoor seeds are especially created to grow inside the house and they don’t require much of sunlight or other natural conditions. They can easily adapt in-house environment and grow fast.
  • Outdoor seeds are more traditional plant type, they require a good sunlight and has good endurance against natural environment. If you have a yard, you can easily grow outdoor seeds.

How to buy good Seeds online

When buying cannabis seeds online, you should be careful if you want to get the best quality for the best price.

Always research prices for the type of cannabis seeds you’re buying, make sure it’s the quality you want and the price is reasonable.

Also, only buy seeds from legitimate and safe websites which has good authority and reputation, always read reviews about the provider and make sure it delivers what’s promised.

With all of this, you can avoid frauds online and get the best quality seeds which you can grow and use as it is supposed to be.